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Alison Humphreys

BSc Health and Social Care


Registered Member of MARH

Three Principles Facilitator

Certified Infant massage instructor with IAIM

I am a Registered Practitioner which means that I belong to a UK professional organisation called The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths which supports and promotes a high standard of safe, effective homeopathic practice. I agree to abide by their ethics and practice.

I graduated from The Welsh School of Homeopathy in 2001 after four years of study. My interest in homeopathy began whilst I was pregnant with my fourth child. I unfortunately developed an inguinal hernia and very painful varicose veins, at around 16 weeks - my consultant told me that the hernia would grow to the size of a rugby ball by full-term and that a caesarean section and corrective surgery after the birth was inevitable.

In addition, little could be done for the varicose veins although surgery may be required after the birth.

The situation I was in meant that I was about to have 3 children under the age of 3 years so a c-Section was not an option!!!

​Me being me, I refused to accept this prognosis and decided there must be a way of avoiding all the surgery and discomfort - I began to explore my 'options.'  An osteopath was my first port of call and work was done to re-align things physically but he wasn't able to offer anything more - the hernia was still an issue. one day as I was hobbling into playgroup with my eldest daughter a friend who could see I was in pain asked what was wrong - I told her my situation and she asked if I'd considered seeing a homeopath? I'd never heard of a "homeopath" never mind considered seeing one! "What have you got to lose?" said my friend.

So, I found a local Homeopath and she treated me for my symptoms. The varicose veins disappeared very quickly and then the hernia! The experience of seeing the Homeopath moved and impressed me so much that I decided to train to become one myself! By the way I did not need any surgery because the hernia and the varicose veins had gone so I had a normal delivery resulting in a beautiful healthy baby and a very relieved Mum (and Dad!!)

Since then I have used Homeopathy - not as an alternative or complimentary medicine but as the medicine of choice to treat all my family for everything from first aid situations to more serious symptoms and conditions.  This is not because I am averse to doctors but because homeopathy works and the holistic way of looking at health and dis-ease makes sense to me.

My interest in The 3 Principles began after bumping in to them following a period of anxiety and panic attacks that were difficult for me to 'shake off'.  I found that using both Homeopathy and gaining an understanding of The 3 Principles fundamentally changed the way I experience life and its ups and downs. Where appropriate, I use the two in tandem when treating patients.

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